A-frame (or sandwich) signs

For some reason, many businesses think that they can set out A-frame signs on the sidewalk in front of their stores anywhere they want. In fact, the BCZR provides a specific allowance for them, with a permit, only in the BM-CT Zones (central Towson). Otherwise, portable signs (ones not permanently fastened to the ground) are not allowed. Where allowed in the BM-CT zone, an A-frame can only be left out while the business is open. (But the code is very badly worded here, so one could argue that it means something else.)

These signs often block part of the sidewalk, and are often placed close to the roadway so that they might block the view of drivers or of oncoming cars.

This one was actually in the median of Joppa Rd. This was right after I had filed a complaint about it being in the median of Loch Raven Blvd near Joppa Rd and it had disappeared. This one was "chained" to the street sign, but the chain was so loose that I was able to lift it over the top and remove the sign. Quicker than calling Code Enforcement again!

Don't worry, the A-frame was put to good, legal use.

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Updated 22 Jan 2022 by MAP