Penn Jersey Signs

Much of the street spam for real estate developments has been caused by one company - Penn Jersey Signs - which brags on their website that they put up over 16,000 signs every weekend in 5 states. (Two years ago it was 17,000.) At present, it seems that they have been stopped in our area by private citizens filing criminal complaints (Harford) and action by Code officials (Baltimore). It's very interesting to check out their website to see what they do (and are proud of). Links within that site for each state used to provide a list of their clients, and each contained a map of where to place all the signs (or where we could find them to pick them up). A sample map for Ryan Homes, McNeal Farm (by White Marsh Mall) was as follows:

Signs stopped appearing at these locations, so it appeared that the County had gotten the message to Ryan Homes back in Fall of 2014. The links to these maps have disappeared. Here's what they looked like in June 2017:   MD/DE   |   PA   |   NJ

However, more signs, complaints, and fines have occurred in early 2018 for a new development called Greenleigh.

Requests have been made to Brian Frosh, Maryland Attorney General, to join with other Attorneys-General to put this company (Penn Jersey Signs) out of business. No response has been received.

They advertise on Craigslist for people to put up signs, and pay $2 per sign.

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