Animated Signs

The Sign Code, §450 of the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations (BCZR), defines "animation" as "any change in physical position by any movement or rotation or which gives the visual impression of such movement or rotation. This includes the foreground and background of the sign." The reference to "foreground" and "background" just confuses the issue by implying that this refers to electronic signs, which it does not. It must be understood to mean a sign with physical motion, like a waving Big Boy.

Other parts of §450 prohibit "animated" signs.

And a confusing statement in 450.7.B ("concerning changeable copy signs") says that "animated signs require special exception approval". Someone is going to interpret these references as meaning that it is possible to get a special exception for a scrolling, electronic sign. That's going to be an interesting hearing.

The latest thing, seen in several places, is a woman "robot" standing on the sidewalk waving a sign. Guess they can't pay someone enough to stand there in the cold or rain.

A good example of an "animated" sign that should be approved is "The Landing Strip" at 3030 Eastern Blvd with an airplane on the roof with a spinning propeller. (Of course, roof signs are not allowed, so this could possibly be ruled as not allowed anyway, whether spinning or not.

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