Balloons, dancing men, and other blow-ups

Another perennial problem, and oft not prosecuted, are the balloons, dancing men, and other blow-up objects. For example, "balloons" are not permitted, under the sign code, but one can argue that, if it has no writing on it, it is not a sign. And CE has decided that "one" party balloon is okay - then interpreted to be "one per vehicle". Of course, the whole point of putting up balloons is that they move in the wind, and movement attracts attention.

The ultimate in movement is those really tacky "dancing men" with an air blower at the bottom. Besides being a "portable" sign, they violate the prohibition on "animation".

Some examples (4 of these were found in Kingsville):

A funny thing - when filing a complaint for a "blow-up dancing man" on the County's website and then displaying back what was entered, the system "censors" the word "blow" and displays "****", just as it also does with the word "joint". I wonder if they could give me a list of disallowed words.

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