Other kinds of bad signs

Other Junk

Besides the hundreds of "snipe" signs littering roads every week, there are many other kinds of obnoxious or illegal signs that are cluttering our roadsides, distracting drivers, and generally trashing our environment. Below, I provide comments on some of these, and what we can do to get rid of them.

A-frame signs
Animated signs
Balloons, dancing men, and other blow-ups
Donation collection bins
Electronic signs
Flags, pennants, and streamers
Mobile (or vehicle) advertising
Newspaper vending boxes
Tobacco ads
Trash/recycle Bins
Twirlers, spinners, and holders
Utility and traffic signal pole signs
Window signs
Windshield Wiper Flyers
  Special signs of note:
Royal Farms
Mattress Stores
Liquor Stores
Going out of business sales
The Kingsville Bull

And some of the companies responsible for facilitating roadside sign violations:
Sign placement companies

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