Research links

Links to useful research resources

The following links are useful to track down who is responsible for signs.

Baltimore County sites

Baltimore property maps
Taxes due or paid (including liens)

Maryland sites:

Court records
Business entities
Maryland land records
Occupational licenses

National sites:

Lookup non-profits (IRS)
Lookup non-profits (GuideStar)
Lookup non-profits (Charity Watch)
990 Forms
Court records (JuralIndex)
Court records (Court Listener)
Whitepages (phone number look-up) - but most are pay for access
Fone Finder (phone number look-up to determine carrier) - but not very accurate
Telephone numbering (to find where an area code is)
Telephone numbering (if you know state and area code, find where office code was probably first assigned)
Look up phone number (for law enforcement only) - need new link
DOT - SAFER (trunking companies)
ProPublica - non-profits
Recycler's World
ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer

Law Enforcement Tools

Each reputable telephone carrier provides a method for law enforcement to determine the identification of the owner of unlisted telephone numbers. While "drug dealer" (or "burner") phones can't be found, others can be using these tools.
Number Portability Admin Center (account required) - to find out which carrier services the number, then contact carrier:
T-Mobile, Law Enforcement Relations department, 973-292-8911
Comcast (old)
Verizon, Law Enforcement Resource Team
Sprint (old)


Google (to look for phone numbers, companies, people, etc.)
Reverse telephone number lookup (occasionally works)
whois - to find out who a website is registered to

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