Why This Site?

What this information is for

This website is put together as a means of sharing information about the attempts that many Baltimore County citizens are making to put an end to this trash by our roadsides. Through this website, we can share experiences of success and failure, and can collaborate to make our efforts more productive.

This effort is driven not only by a personal desire to make our roadsides look better. It is also a matter of safety for the general public. There are many aspects as to why these signs cause a danger to citizens:
  • They are all distracting to drivers, who have too many distractions as it is. No one can reasonably argue that they are not distracting, when their very purpose is to attract the attention of those passing by - mostly drivers.
  • The litter from them when they blow around can get stuck in storm drains and cause flooding of roads - an obvious hazard.
  • The Coroplast signs themselves have sharp edges that can easily do damage. I have gotten numerous small cuts when signs I was pulling off of a pole fell on my arm. Imagine one being propelled through the air by a good wind! This is also why any permitted temporary signs can only be banners made out of soft material.
  • The wires are often left when the signs have blown away. Imagine the result when a lawn mower hits one of these wires hiding in the tall grass next to the road! It's only a matter of time before some person in the County gets one of these thrown through their head.
  • The so-called "flags", which are really vertical banners could be extremely dangerous if the wind picked one up and projected it through the air like a javelin. This is one of the reasons they are supposed to be illegal. The allowance in the Code for one "flag" showing a company logo was clearly intended to allow a real "flag" on a real flag pole, properly and safely installed, just like the US flag. CE has allowed all these unsafe ones to exist.

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