Windshield Wiper Flyers

One really aggravating thing is those flyers that get stuck under your windshield wiper while you're in a store. Some years ago when the County Council was considering, and passed, a bill to regulate flyers that are stuck in peoples' front doors, I suggested that, since those chased away from front doors would just put the flyers on peoples' cars parked out front, the Bill should also regulate (or outright forbid) placing flyers on cars, I dropped a stack on the Council table that I had just picked up from one of the Park-and-Ride lots. They failed to add anything to the Bill.

I continue to run around a parking lot and remove these whenever I see them. No different than picking them up from the ground (where many of them are actually found).

Pictured on the left is some religious crap found on windshields, put there in a very unchristian act.

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Updated 22 Jan 2022 by MAP