Code Enforcement Resources

Links to useful references and resources

American Association of Code Enforcement

Copy of Baltimore County Code §23-1 (signs on County property)
Baltimore County Zoning Regulation - §450 for signs (generally for those on private property, but also applied to those in roadways)
Copy of state law TA §8-605 (signs on state roads)

File/check on complaints (County)
Help and instructions for using the County complaint filing systems
File complaint (County) - (Accela legacy system)
File complaint using County's BALTCO 311 (now forwards to next)
File complaint using County's CitySourced system
Send e-mail to Code Enforcement - allows attachment
File anonymous complaint by calling your County Council office or send letter via USPS
Check status of any complaint (County) - (legacy system) search by address for status, correction notices, citations, orders (inspectors' photos were removed!)
Check status of your complaints (County) - (CitySourced system - by Tracking number, which they don't tell you)
CE Dashboard (but beware - data is not complete)
List of open cases (updated each Sunday) (Hint, download and search for "Hearing" to find ones scheduled that week.)

File/check on complaints (SHA)

File complaint with SHA - signs in state road right-of-way (or pot-holes, etc.)
Check status of SHA complaint

Research links (to investigate violators)

To be added:
Explanation of Code Enforcement process

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