Code Enforcement Resources

Links to useful references and resources

CAUSS website (Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam) - now inactive
American Association of Code Enforcement
Waste 360 - "Sick of Signs" Campaign

Copy of Baltimore County Code §23-1 (signs on County property)
Baltimore County Zoning Regulation - §450 for signs (generally for those on private property, but also applied to those in roadways)
Copy of state law TA §8-605 (signs on state roads)

File/check on complaints (County)
Help and instructions for using the County complaint filing systems
Link to file complaint online using County's new system (CitySourced)
New link to file complaint online using BALTCOGO (also at CitySourced and avialable as a "Smart phone" App)
Send e-mail to Code Enforcement - allows attachment
File anonymous complaint by calling your County Council office or send letter via USPS
Check status of any complaint (County) - (legacy system) search by address for status, correction notices, citations, orders (inspectors' photos were removed!)
Check status of your complaints (County) - (CitySourced system - by Tracking number, which they don't tell you)
List of open cases (updated each Sunday) (Hint, download and search for "Hearing" to find ones scheduled that week.)

File/check on complaints (SHA)

File complaint with SHA - signs in state road right-of-way (or pot-holes, etc.)
Check status of SHA complaint

Research links (to investigate violators)

To be added:
Explanation of Code Enforcement process

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