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We are dedicated to putting an end to street spam in Baltimore County - trash that is intentionally placed in the right-of-way of many of our roads to advertise some product or service, often called "litter-on-a-stick", and often being a scam. Our communities are being littered with signage and trash that detract from the neighborhoods that we have worked so hard to beautify. With the State of Maryland having designated many of our roadways as "Scenic Byways", the signage and trash must not be allowed to continue. As responsible citizens, many of us go out of our way to remove the signs and trash from our roads. When necessary, we need to pursue code enforcement action and legal remedies to prevent further ruin to our communities and neighborhoods. It is essential that citizens rise to the task of keeping our communities and neighborhoods beautiful for our families. Please join and help us preserve what is best in Baltimore County.

While this site is mostly about "snipe" or "bandit" signs - the ones stuck in the road rights-of-way, it also addresses some other forms of roadside sign clutter.

Click on the picture to show the next abomination. (Most of these have been busted.)

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I put this web site together to provide various information for residents of Baltimore County who are fighting illegal roadside signs. I am solely responsible for its contents and it does not represent the opinions of any other person or organization.


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Updated 22 Jan 2022